Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Art and Craft Auctions DOT com and an INCREDIBLE article about Ebay

There is a new artist's auction selling site that opened it's internet doors yesterday. Some of the artists on the site are fantastic. This site is still in the infancy stage but the creators hope it becomes a viable option for those who sell and collect art. If you're able please stop by and browse some of the listings.

Many of the sellers on Art&Auction are Ebay refugees. A fellow artist has written an incredibly insightful and thought provoking essay on the current state of affairs with Ebay. http://mousewords.wordpress.com/
Ebay was founded by a man who believed that auctions provide sellers and buyers with the opportunity to conduct business while creating a social community. How many of us have attended (or do attend) auctions not only to see what is being sold but for the social and entertainment value these venues offer? The new Ebay CEO is steering the auction to become just another Wally Mart - offering little in the way of unique, innovative or quality merchandise. Even on the internet Main Street is dying.

The piece above is painted cloth, painted and stamped stabilizer, altered paper hearts, beads, vintage sequins, silk ribbon and embroidery fibers. Let's raise a toast to ART, CREATIVITY and INDIVIDUALISM!


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