Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've been a busy elf what with dyeing scarves and stitching. Today is the annual Art & Fine Craft sale at the Wallkill River School. Below the photo is an explanation of the reason I've pushed myself beyond my usual limits to get things ready. I know the economy is a mess and that many people don't have money for the necessities of life (like good food) let alone the luxury of art but I do hope today turns out successful.

All Sale Proceeds Will Benefit
The Aumick Art Scholarship Fund

The fund’s goal is to promote creativity, self-esteem and self-awareness in children and teenagers, regardless of their current involvement or education in the arts. We believe that all young people are innately creative and artistic pursuits can serve as solid foundations and help to positively impact their present and future lives.

In the summer of 2008, with much help from the Wallkill River School, our scholarship fund enabled 10 children and teens to participate in workshops at the school – free of charge. Oil painting, drawing, fashion design and Japanese animation were among the workshops that the participants attended.

It is our goal to grant at least 30 youngsters scholarships in the summer of 2009.

Thank you,
Steve and Denise Aumick


moreidlethoughts said...

A noble sentiment at any time and, in the current climate, even more so! Good luck to all of you.

Waltraud said...

A great website!!!