Thursday, April 16, 2009


Music can take me other places and times. I get lost as I listen to the layers or the beauty of a singer's voice. Last night my husband person shared this link with me. I encourage you to take a few minutes, turn up the volume, watch and sing along. This video inspired me! Stand By Me Check out the singer from the Netherlands - amazing!

The piece above is made from painted organza and cotton cloth plus an image from an antique book.


Phyllis said...

Thank you for such inspiring music as I start my day! I loved the idea of people all over the world singing to the same beat. What a great metaphor. I also love this piece that you created.

ArTy TeA PaRty said...

Hi, Andrea here, thoroughly enjoying hearing and seeing your stuff. Mostly I am feeling a whole bunch of emotion at the moment for some reason. It's odd, well not really, how a musical note can hit a soft spot and open a flood gate. I too, get those feelings of needing to come out of a lethargy. I call it a funk. But, we should not be hard on ourselves. Busy women need to recharge. Hope to see you w/ other talented chics making bentwood. Have you traded or are you interested in trading Divining?