Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Friend Deb & I

I have known Deb (or Debbie as I can't help calling her) for about a million years now. We believe we first became aquainted in eighth grade or some time around that era of fishnet stockings (that our parents would not let us wear) and boys with long hair (that our parents also would not let us wear).

We always circulated in the same circles, often traveling together as we found our way through the hormones of middle school and the rebellion of high school. We shared many things...among them a love of music, art, laughter and a wisdom about integrity and responsibility that bonded us together.

Some things never change....this weekend Deb & I will be hosting our second craft/art sale in her wonderful old Victorian house. Experience tells us her beaded necklaces will be very popular and SELL and my textiles will be very popular and NOT sell. But, to me, this fair is more about us as forever friends than money. And all the dollars in the world can't buy that.


Garden Painter Art said...

Denise: Your blog is off to a great start. The Craft Fair sounds charming. I love old houses and all the curiousness about them.

Would you mind if I linked your blog to mine?

Garden Painter Art

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Welcome to blogland Denise! Wonderful first post. Forever friends are priceless!

Mary said...

Denise... I LOVE this new creative endeavor! Of COURSE you had to do this... You are overflowing with creativity, energy, and zest for life!

Wild Sunflower Studio