Friday, March 30, 2007

Was Your Sky Ever Green? Your Trees Ever Purple?

As I journey forth in this creative life I’m leading (and am grateful each and every day for the support that allows me this opportunity) I find my quest is always to push the creative envelope, create more abstractly, more adventurously. It is a daunting proposition.

I never pursued enrollment in art courses or workshops. My only exposure to formal classroom training was high school art classes where I found myself intimidated by all those stars who were able to draw & paint up a storm. I looked upon their work with awe, believing my artistic leanings were more a dream than a possible reality. Working with fabric was relegated to Home Ec where sewn aprons & skirts ruled the day. It was the land where precision, control & skillfully executed techniques were queen. The wish to sew outside the lines was viewed with dismay and certainly not acceptable nor encouraged. Looking back all I can say is….much like the mind, creative desire is an awful thing to waste.

This summer I have enrolled in a 4 day workshop that will explore paper and fabric collage. It’s about time.


Garden Painter Art said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to know what your fellow art classmates are doing with their talent now? I'll betcha that they are "conformists". Aren't you glad that you chose your own path?

Garden Painter Art

dolls of yore said...

As somebody who also has never received any formal instruction in either art or sewing, I truly appreciate those who choose to combine the two and "sew outside the lines."