Friday, April 20, 2007

A Bit About Blogging & Creativity

An artist's online group I belong to proposed we bloggers answer the following questions.....never been interviewed before!

1.) What's your day job?
I work in sales for a specification grade lighting manufacturer (which means I get to help light a lot of stores and office buildings)

2.) How do you define Creativity?
The inspiration to try something different, the confidence to take risks and the fortitude to not get discouraged when the different & risks turn out looking like a 2 year did them.
For instance, the unfinished piece above began life as a whim (liked this fabric laying next to that fabric) and is now growing into - what I believe - will become an entry into a National Juried Art Quilt show I hope to enter.....if the piece continues to make me happy!

How does it look in your life?
I'm not sure - sometimes creativity is stimulating and sometimes it's annoying (can get in the way of life a bit when one is always viewing people, places & things from a design aspect).

3. What allows you to be the most creative?
My husband's support.

4. When did you start blogging?
About a month ago

What prompted you to start?
Seemed like a good way to journal and.....might as well face facts - I'm a glutton for anything that might bring attention to my work.

5. Who/what are your major influences and inspirations in your blogging?
Ideas and the writings of other bloggers. Sometimes random thoughts might spur a blog entry.

6. How does blogging reflect (and/or feed) your creativity?
Keeps the juices flowing!


Deborah said...

Keep those juices flowing, babe!!!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I'm liking that piece that started as a whim Denise, can't wait to see it finished!