Thursday, April 5, 2007

What's in a Name OR the Absence of One?

Little Red Riding Hood is a painting I bought from Dixie Redmond of NorthDixieDesigns (see her link on the right side of this page). I call her Heidi since the tale does not divulge Hood’s given name and somewhere in my mind I have combine the tale of Heidi with Little Red Riding Hood. Given the tremendous amount of allegory in this tale the fact that Hood’s real name is never mentioned could make for some interesting theories and conjectures as to why. It might be a great exercise to research & pursue this in another blog musing at a later date.....hmmmmmm....

Anyhow, I was so inspired by Dixie’s painting that I had to try my hand at painting on wood. The In-Progress results are above. I still have detailing and more color to drop into the painting (tendrils & berries I think) and also want to try my hand at lightly sanding the painting, then staining and varnishing it. It will be an attempt to make my painting look like a time worn piece of folk art.

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