Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fine Art

Is quilt making art? I know it is an artful undertaking – what colors work well together? What design elements, shapes, sizes should be brought into the creation? How skillful is the construction executed?

In the past years quilt making has grown out of its roots as coverings for beds and snuggling throws to be placed nearby a favorite sofa or chair. Art quilting has become a multi-million dollar a year industry, with all kinds of materials, classes, techniques, etc available for the buying. I started combining fabrics and sticking them up on walls about 35 yrs ago so I am no stranger to the concept of art quilts as wall art. And – believe me – my stock of necessary creative supplies (!) is staggering.

In the last months I have been hankering (for some reason this IS the right word) to return to the Art of the Quilt. My checkerboard inspiration piece is growing. Right now it is a 13" block. Oh, I could add the sepia photos I printed on fabric to add an artful element. I could use rusty wire to hang found objects off it –maybe add some strategically placed embroidery or beading but you know what I think I’m REALLY going to do? I’m going to create another 17 blocks, combine them together, sandwich a hunk of batting between them and a backing & then quilt the layers together. It will be the first traditional use quilt I’ve made in years. In some ways I think this will be one of the most fine-artful things I have made in a long time.

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Rick said...

Oh, Denise - I love that you're going to do that. You have really caught the inspiration piece but aren't a slave to it. Great work. I want to see the completed quilt!