Sunday, April 29, 2007

Garden's Gate for Juried Show

I would like to hear any & all opinions on this piece that might be my first time ever entry into a small art quilt juried show. It measures about 14x14" and features hand applique & chunky hand quilting with natural linen thread. I like how it looks now but wonder if it needs more - maybe hand embroidered cascading vines & flowers? Are judges so used to seeing art quilts that feature new innovative techniques and methods that an abstract using traditional skills will be passed over for consideration?

I appreciate your input.....Denise


juanita said...

I find nothing wrong with the composition and your use of techniques. However, is this just the top unsandwiched. How are the edges to be finished or not finished?

Gena Flatley, Emerging said...

I like it... but first glance draws eye to right lower corner... the upper left seems to be lacking a balance.... is there any way to add some visual balance there with a darker piece of fabric or design?

Rick said...

First, it's beautiful. I know it's going to be gorgeous. I agree with gena's comment - I kept wanting to put something up in the top left corner - another circle maybe would bring you back around again?


david santos said...

Very nice work, thank you. Have a good week.

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

I love it...just keep following your heart. have some pretty cool musicians in your links! *wink*


Garden Painter Art said...

I am always fascinated by your fabric work. Above all, I would love to be able to touch them. They are so full of delicious texture and color.

Garden Painter Art