Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some Things Never Change

My high school yearbook photo. You know how they had little writeups underneath the photos? Mine said something about liking sunny days and keyboard players (oh, those musicians), plus having an aversion to cars that won’t start. Important stuff back in the ‘70’s – I’m not even going to comment on the absence of listing any lofty goals!

My friend Deb’s high school yearbook photo. Now Deb had a very cute guy do her writeup (Deb was tres popular). He said that Deb was an outta sight chick who wanted to travel in space….or some such wacky 70’s nonsense. I never realized how short Deb really is when we were in school. Her hair added such height.

This is a Deb and me inspired art quilt assemblage I did about 2 years ago. Yes, we are still friends and even though we lived in different states at various times in adulthood we now live in neighboring towns. This Sat. is our 3rd annual Art & Craft Fair that we hold in Deb’s grand old Victorian house. We invite a ton of people, serve cheese and crackers, drink some wine and share many laughs. Oh – and…..Deb sells her wonderful beaded jewelry (her company’s name is The Bead Goes On - isn’t that great?) and I sell art quilts. Oh Happy Day!


Annica said...

I hope you'll have a great weekend together with your friend, and plenty of visitors of course. Love the quilt portrait!

Cathie said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friendship -- AND.... how cut is this!!!! Did you make two - one for you and one for her????

Elizabeth said...

You cool and groovy chicks! Nice bag too :-)

PaMdora said...

Hi Denise, what a lovely story of friendship. I love the way you went back and scanned your HS yearbook photos and then show the quilt. You should send that to a magazine! BTW, don't wait until you're ready. DO IT NOW -- the world will never be perfect and we will never be ready, but Now is all we really got for sure. Take advantage of a door when it opens. xoxoxo good luck!