Sunday, June 21, 2009


Melanie over at her My Croft blog has posted information about a free, 10 day online course that encourages you to dig deeper into those underneath layers of your mind. Unearthing that which moves us, draws us, calls us, talks to us (you get my point) can help churn the creative waters. If you are interesting in some self-exploration please check out this link to Shelley Klammer's workshop and enjoy your travels! Free E-Course, Deepening Creativity

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Chapter 1
Awhile back when I was still selling on Ebay I was contacted by Michelle who wanted to know if I was interested in displaying and selling my work at her Handmade Gallery. This shop was connected to the Wallkill River School in a local town. Michelle is a young woman whose blog title makes me laugh, knowing her as I do. She is a talented, sensitive soul with a heart of gold and the energy of a child. Anyway, after becoming involved with the Handmade Gallery I met Janet. Janet is a mixed media and jewelry artist. I remember this gorgeous beaded necklace she created that took her months to finish and was so filled with sparkle and wonder that just about everyone who came in the shop ooh'd and ah'd over it.

Chapter 2
Ebay decided to change up a lot of their fees and policies, making it a hostile selling world for small-time, individual artists. Because of this an Ebay seller decided to setup her own artist internet auction site (unfortunately this site was not successful). I became somewhat involved with this auction site and 'met' a lady by the name of Billie there. Billie is a wonderful person who does incredible assemblages, collages and other mixed media work. Billie and I realized we were both from the Hudson Valley, in fact we were - basically - neighbors.

Chapter 3
I encouraged Billie to contact Michelle at the Handmade Gallery since I felt it was necessary that the shop have Billie's work. Now, due to my busy life and lack of time for socializing Billie and I were never actually able to meet but Billie did go to Michelle's shop and while there met Janet (remember Janet from Chapter 1?). Serendipity was at work here....Janet and Billie became fast friends and more than a year later they are creative buddies who have become very close. I like to say I 'match-made' the friendship of these two ladies.

Chapter 4
Fast forward to Dec 2008. The Handmade Gallery has closed its doors but, as a result of the shop's association with the Wallkill River School, I have become involved with the WRS and have started to mess around with pastel painting. Just before the holidays last year the WRS hosted an art & craft fair. As I was unloading my car to setup I saw Janet arrive with another woman. Often my psychic radar works well, and I knew immediately that it was Billie. We had a grand time finally meeting each other, gabbing up a storm and marveling at how connections can lead us down interesting paths.

Chapter 5
Michelle and I still stay connected and see each other as we're able. Janet, Billie and I plan to keep in better touch and hope to spend some creative time together. I have a strong bond with the WRS and - at times - help plan some small events. Aren't communities marvelous?

The cloth above was created by dyeing, discharging, soy waxing, over painting and print painting. Perhaps later today I'll get a chance to drop in some stitiching.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Artistic Fabric

Dyed fabric that was soy waxed, over painted with textile paint, then screen printed, over painted with some more paint and then both machine and hand stitched. This is a small (7x11") example of Art Cloth...meaning it is created from a whole piece of cloth as opposed to stitched together pieces. For some stunning examples of Art Cloth piece please click on this link...enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finished Pieces

Thought I'd show you 2 recent pieces after they have been completed. I added free motion stitching to the one above and another small piece of fabric that I made. I like the unexpected red. The piece below had foils and paint added to it. Interesting how the paint infused the piece with energy - previously it had been very subtle and quiet.