Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday the Wallkill River School had a workshop on abstract painting given by Nuala Clarke . Since my friend Melanie was the impetus behind getting Nuala scheduled to conduct this class she came upstate in order to participate. Seeing Melanie was wonderful and given my love of abstract art participating in the workshop was an energizing experience. I encourage you to consider attending a class by Nuala if the opportunity presents itself.

The piece above was done as an exercise in creating an abstract painting while feeling someone you love. Looks just like you Hubby Dear!

The piece above was a collaboration that all workshop participants contributed to. I started the piece then 3 other people worked on it, then I finished the piece. I rather like it.

This is a favorite piece. This was a collab between Melanie and I. I started the piece then she worked on it then I finished the piece. Looks very other-worldly to me.

The painting below is way big for me. With Nuala's encouragement I figured 'what the hay' and proceeded to work on this 22"x30" piece.....daunting. The photo does not show the depth and layers the painting has but you get an idea of how it turned out. It's a keeper and will get framed.

Final words to all you textile artists out there....consider taking some drawing and painting classes. It will stretch your boundaries, enrich your creative selves and provide inspiration.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Added a bit of metallic pigment, hand stitiching, beads and dyed cheesecloth. Now I just need to figure out if I'm going to place this on top of a matboard or another piece of fabric...or leave it as is with the frayed edges.

Not quite finished but getting there. Need to drop in more leaves, grass and perhaps a flower or two. I love the sensuous layers and color depth you can get with pastels. Photographs don't show this really well. Next time you have the opportunity to study a pastel painting get up close and personal with it and look how the artist has laid color upon color. I promise it will put a smile on your face.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Soooooo....take a piece of an old quilt that is so worn portions of the top fabrics have been eaten away by acid, many washings and time...overlay it with pieces of silk organza (trapping wooden buttons inside) and an ancient tablecloth then free motion stitch away. Once done, wash it in Synthrapol and then overdye with a luscious golden brown color. I plan to add some hand stitched accents, maybe some beads (but maybe not), maybe a bit of metallic paint. The texture in this incredible.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old Farms & Ponds

I haven't blogged lately. I've been very busy with activities that don't involve artistic pursuits. We're made a decision to put our house on the market (yeah, in this economy). It's time to downsize to a more manageable space. Steve has lived in our house since he was in his 20's and has been the master of all its growth, including the impressive stonework walls, fireplace and that front porch that the realtor believes will seal the deal with the imagined NYC buyer looking for a unique country home.

Anyhow yesterday my daughter and her boyfriend were here. He has a couple of kids and they had fun fishing at our pond. In fact we had fillet of Aumick Pond Bass as part of our bar-b-que yesterday, compliments of Kyra and Emma's fishing skills. It was incredibly delicious!

I was also able to grab a bit of time and started a pastel painting of the picture in the upper left corner. A few years ago I shot some photographs while touring around the Catskills. I'm drawn to images of times gone by and so often shoot falling down, ramshackle places and things. Somehow capturing them feels as if I'm honoring their unknown past importance and meaning.