Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Strike is Working!

According to the website Ebay listings are down almost 13% from 2 days ago! This is amazing when you realize that this translates into well over A MILLION listings! Well over A MILLION listings translates into a whole big bunch of money. There are not figures available that are tracking the number of buyers NOT buying but it is known that buyers are also joining in the strike with their sellers as well. Many sellers on eBay have loyal repeat customers who are appalled at eBay's latest policies.

If you care to find out what all the outrage is about please read the following essay in this blog's 2/19 entry (just below today's entry)

I am usually politically quiet. I have my beliefs but do try to keep an open mind when presented with new knowledge or opinions. I have kept an open mind about eBay and the proposed changes. They are a corporation after all and have a board of directors and stockholders to please and make money for....but...still....I can't help but feel the excitement of an idealistic movement having an impact. It does my heart good! Makes me proud to be an American and able to protest - even in the internet world of the year 2008!


May Terry said...

Hear, hear, Denise! I'm going to link to this on my site.

May Terry said...

Oh, and--beautiful quilt, as always!