Sunday, June 15, 2008

Folky Art

I belong to a small, internet group of artists in various mediums. We share our art and aspects of our lives. It's a safe haven where a kind thought, funny message or creative inspiration can be found. The group is comprised of only about 7 active members and we are from various countries. Recently one of the members posted a photo of the front of her house in England. I just had to paint and stitch her yellow door and red bricks. You might wonder what the deal is with the blue....she also posted a photo of great blue painted brick wall inside the house.

Hope all of you had a nice Father's Day. It was a bit tough here for my husband. There's nothing like a holiday or special day to remind someone of the loss of a loved one.


my croft said...

This is completely charming. I love the suggestion of the bricks done in stitching.

Please tell your husband I am thinking kind thoughts for him. Last year on Father's Day, my father had begun active dying and was explaining what kind of funeral he wanted. The first year is the hardest. After that it still hurts, it will always hurt, but it hurts differently.

ZueƱito said...

I like it!!! Its diferent and lovely.
Regards from Spain!