Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beyond Our World

I am a huge fan of Roots/Folk music - be it Americana, Brazilian or African. While there are many songwriters and performers I revere there is one whose words and music seem to reach me on a visceral level. Dave Carter (please do click on the link and read the informative review) was an educated mathematician who periodically left the world of numbers to seek spiritual guidance and musical creativity. Profoundly intelligent, accessible complexity and a magical connection with his partner Tracy Grammer mark Carter's recordings. Gentle Arms of Eden is one of their trademark tunes. My personal favorite is the song Ordinary Town from their Drum, Hat, Buddah CD - who can resist a song with the opening lines "Common cool, he was a proud young fool in a kick-ass wal-mart tie. Rippin down the main drag, trippin on the headlights rollin by"?

Dave Carter died (again I encourage you to read Wikipedia's entry about Dave) in Tracy's arms of a massive heartattack in July, 2002. I often miss the music he will no longer make but cherish the music he left behind.

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