Friday, January 2, 2009


In the upcoming months all my best intentions will be directed towards:

1.) Finishing the series of 4 pieces that will part of a new group's show & website (more about this in the near future). The photo above shows a glimpse of one of the pieces that I've already completed.

2.) Write (can't say finish because I haven't started it yet) the article for the magazine that expressed interest in my submission inquiry.

3.) Complete scarves and itty, bitty ATC's for the Danforth Museum of Art and get them sent off.

4.) Sketch every single day - even if a small doodle.

5.) Lose another 10 lbs.

6.) Submit a piece for the Surface Design show.

7.) Get every medical test and probe done that I've been putting off.

8.) Try to be more patient and tolerant.

Wish me luck!

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