Friday, March 6, 2009


I belong to a small, intimate artist's group called Studio 33 (see their links on the sidebar). It seems Amy's recent scribblecast video struck a few of us with it's emotion and the emotion seems to be one of longing. Longing is an up close and personal feeling for me. The odd thing is I often can't define what I'm longing for...what I'm missing that leaves this empty sense inside. Perhaps longing is part of our human condition? Or just a piece of our creative souls? Perhaps longing is the spark that keeps us seeking a better way?

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Marie said...

CS Lewis write about this once and if I apply myself I can find it. He spoke about standing beside a shrub in a garden and suddenly being flooded by overwhelming longing for....something familiar just out of reach. I shall search.

It happens to me in spring. I think it's March. The promise...of...perhaps childhood, in my case, anyway.