Saturday, May 30, 2009

Artistic Expression

I love artistic pieces that calm, serene and of a limited palette...I really do. I could look at Toni Grote's work all day, getting lost the quietness and beauty of her paintings. I find it quite interesting that what calls me isn't what comes out of me. All of my work tends to be about multiple layers and hidden depths and busy-ness. Is anyone else drawn to work that is much different from their own? Perhaps this makes perfect sense on some level...being attracted to art work that is different from my own holds an element of mystery about the artist, their method and their motivation.
I stitched together this piece from different cloths I've created in the past months.


lindacreates said...

I really like this piece. I understand what you are saying about being drawn to other's serene work so opposite of your own. I tend to have lots of "stuff" in my work, yet love a soft light watercolor. The quilts I love are ones I would never make, but love to look at and wouldn't mind owning!

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest that this means you are not a slavish copyist. So often, the teacher remains the dominant factor in the student's work.Yet you can admire, but do not copy.