Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glimpses work continues....

The incredible photo above was taken by my good friend, Canace. If you examine it closely you may be able to figure out what this piece of machinery is. The minute I saw this photo I knew I wanted to paint it (and also get a copy to frame and give as a gift to my daughter).

I began work on the painting this morning. I'm laying in the darks first with many more layers to come. I suspect I won't be a slave to the original photo and take some artistic license in order to add unexpected swipes of colors here and there.
I realized this morning that I have about 8 weeks....count them - 8 get many paintings ready for the gallery show in March. I need to keep the pastels in hand and work at painting every day. I need to keep the meltdowns at bay by being diligent. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Recognised it immediately - and wished for the hundredth time that I still had mine (well, Mother's, to be exact)

I hope you've had the sort of Christmas you wanted and that the coming year will be a good one.(Meltdowns notwithstanding!)