Friday, January 1, 2010


The piece above is something I started awhile ago and am now adding lots of hand stitching embellishment. It's a work in progress with more stitching and things and stuff to be added - yea! I think I'll put this in the March gallery show too....along with another art quilt whose concept is cooking in my brain. I wonder if I should attach these art quilts to canvases for the show?
It's's abstract...and I love it (can you say that about your own work?). We spent New Year's Eve at friends doing the eating (and maybe shouldn't have had that third glass of wine) thing. It was a lot of fun but I'm feeling a bit on the stuffed sausage side and we're going out to dinner today. I really do need to order a salad and not eat another thing after that. Get those cookies off the kitchen island NOW! This morning, while Steve was resting (sleeping) on the sofa, I finished this. So far the New Year is starting off very well...very well indeed. Hope all of you can say the same. Hug someone you love, count your blessings and go forth and create!


Stitchety Grub said...

Happy New Year - yes of course you can say it about your own work! I love it too-
Britt in Western Australia

Red (aka Puddleduck!) said...

oooh, I'm loving this art quilt! It's simply divine!
Sandi (from Australia too!)