Sunday, September 5, 2010

How do YOU know?

I started this acrylic painting yesterday and arrived at this point today. I never know when or if enough is enough. Is this painting finished? Or should I go for more layers? Are there rules? If so, what are they???? When I started this I was going after a textured painting with an organic nature. I'm contemplating layering more organic shapes and marks but I dunno...I just dunno.


MaryAnn said...

This is really rich! To me it is done. If you were going to add some more I don't know what it would be or how much.

my croft said...

This is no help . . . I vote for "keep going.

To me, the triangular bits and the figure 8s look tentative, like an afterthought, are not fully integrated into the image.

I love the palette (of course), and I think the asymmetrical grid is working, but the overlay is not quite doing it for me.