Saturday, November 27, 2010

Second Secret

Today a gallery in Warwick, NY was so incredibly validating of my assemblage pieces that it brought tears to my eyes. They WANT as many pieces as I can produce. They couldn't say enough about this art work...even The Husband Person (who lives with my flighty creative self so all this art stuff doesn't impress him all that much) was taken with how thrilled the gallery owners were about the pieces I brought in for show and tell.

Pictured above is "The Second Secret". It will be on display at the Collage Gallery in Warwick, NY in the near future. the way....The Husband Person named this body of work I'm doing - "Reclamations". Perfect.

It feels like Christmas already!

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Tami Cohen said...

what a wonderful feeling! and so well deserved. yep, you are a ROCK STAR! x