Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the Thick of It

Right now I'm coping with quite a bit of stress and turmoil that can be directly attributed to my day job. It is not fun and, after 5 years, I believe it's finally dawned on me that life there is not going to change no matter how idealistic and optimistic I choose to be. Soooo...while I'm figuring out what my next steps may or may not be...I began work on a very personal assemblage. While this is not finished, the guts have been decided. Was nice to spend a bit of time doing what it is I love to do.

Can you read the title of the vintage little leather book?



Dotti said...

Sometimes we just 'outgrow' our jobs and the people they contain and it becomes time to move on. If you have to spend time at too should be good time. After all, it's at least 1/3 of your life 5 days a week!

Tami Cohen said...

massively awesome assemblage. you should be able to quit your day job and live well off of your art. if the world were a fair and perfect place, that's what would happen.