Saturday, March 26, 2011

Window of Opportunity

I am toying with the idea of taking a week long class this spring with the incredible mixed media abstract artist Mary Todd Beam. It will mean dropping more than a few bucks but I do like her work and wonder if I could suck up some of her knowledge, tips and tricks while pushing my artistic envelope. Steve is more than supportive of my doing what is my hesitation? Anyone out there care to share their thoughts and experience in regards to taking an intensive class for days on end? Was it worth it?


my croft said...

Sign up NOW.
A week-long class is many things and provokes a range of feeling from exhausted to exhilirated. On an intellectual level, you learn a lot about the topic that is the focus of the class but also, perhaps more importantly, you're in the company of a working artist (maybe some of the students can be described this way as well) and absorbing that.

With luck, you learn more than the class focus, things that only unfold over time.

Sign up NOW. Don't agonize about it. Just sign up NOW.
(but you knew I'd this . . .)

MaryAnn said...

Do it! You will never regret the money or the time spent. Seize the opportunity. I clicked on the link and it looks like you will have a good guide.