Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's funky, it's fun and it's interesting - in person - it makes you look and look. Renaissance of Wonder. Made from a vintage cigar mold, secret potions in test tubes, paper images, Grolsch beer caps (yep, enjoying the contents of one now), antique wooden dowel and compass sphere. It looks very cool hanging on a wall. Maybe I'll bring it to my day job and put it in my office. Most everyone there doesn't understand me as it is....good to keep the mystery going.


Melanie said...


maybe all it needed was to ripen for awhile.

Dixie Redmond said...

What an visually interesting and thought-provoking assemblage. :-) Love it!

Tami Cohen said...


Barry said...

DA- love it when other artists are able to pick up pieces and see a completed assemblage. It has worked well. B

Seth said...

This is so very cool Denise. It really is unique!