Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday I put some finishing touches to "Runneth Over" and brought it to the
Wallkill River School for display. This is the second assemblage I've put into WRS's gallery. Shawn (the director) told me kids are quite fascinated with them. Assemblages are such a unique art form that many people just can't relate or don't 'get them'. My friend Canace, an assemblage artist extra-ordinaire, has a posting on her blog for an assemblage give away. Please click on her name and see her work (and put your hat in the ring for the prize!).

I am most curious so I'd like to you - can you - relate to assemblage art? Why or why not?


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Assemblages are so historic. I see what I see - - I mean, the parts that make up the whole jump to the front for me. I see the collection of the old-timer who's antique shop we spent endless hours in; I see my Dad's piles of "junk" artfully arranged on his porch shelves ... I see the flea market finds stacked on our player pianos in the garage.
That is one level - of course I see the new ... the transformed ...
the beauty from ashes" in the assemblage, but I always see the old, historical story too.
L.O.V.E. (!)

Canace said...

Well, you know I definitely relate to assemblage art... the new life... the nostalgic... the mystery.

Thanks for the link Denise... and nice piece!

Today was awesome and inspiring at the gallery.. glad you could come. :o)

dinahmow said...

Like any piece of work put out with the "art" tag I like what I like!
I have seen (and own) some stunning pieces. I have also seen work which should probably be recycled again.
And it's good that the students are interested.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Denise!
Forever contrary my response has to be that assemblage is completely beyond me...I don't understand it at all, perhaps because I don't take the time. Your abstract paintings on the other hand I can relate to, so much so I have become your first "Follower" on the 'Abstract a Day' site. I like what you're doing there and can't wait to leave a comment :o)

Dixie Redmond said...

I love assemblage art. I seem to not be very good at it. Have you seen Hutch House's whirlygig assemblages? They speak to me.

Have you read any good instructional how-to's on things to consider in assemblanges. I think it must be hard because the objects are so identifiable and it's hard to overcome the iconic image of a coffee pot, for instance.

BTW, I am featuring 5 blogs each month and your blog is one of them for June. :-)