Sunday, June 5, 2011


Painted again today. Hooray.
Anyone out there care to share their thoughts on abstract art? Do you like it or is it something you can live without? Why? Who is...or are...some of your favorite abstract artists? I don't have a lot of knowledge about abstract art (yep, I'll admit it) and I'd love to learn more.


bj parady said...

I have learned to adore abstract art. It started because I could no longer see the point of trying to replicate a view when I could do it in a second with a camera. I could go on...
Artists I study/admire:
Mark Rothko (although in person is way better than in reproduction)
Paul Klee--look at his whole body of work, see the progression
P. Mondrian--same as for Klee, look at the changes
Emily Carr and the group of seven--not quite abstract, but well on the way...

Janet Baskerville said...

I love this piece Denise, it reminds me of the tropics. Glad to see that you are painting again!