Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have a new art friend, Lynn Isaacson, who makes some great pottery. I am especially taken with her 'lizard' (her words) glazes. I went to her tricked out studio last week and came home with clay, books and tools and an assignment. The assignment was to make stuff so I could join in the firing and glazing that will be going on at week's end. Soooo...I went home with not much of a clue...and started messing around. The wall in the back will have antique, rusted nails secured to it after it's glazed and hopefully - if they don't blow up in the kiln - the front left pieces will become pendants for necklaces. The curved piece on the bottom right...well I'm not sure what direction that will go was my first attempt at being a pottery artist. If these pieces don't turn out too bad I'll post 'after firing' photos. Maybe I'll post 'em even if they turn out horrific.

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