Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thoughts on Change

What would happen if there were never any changes? Would it be a better world, more enjoyable life if everything were stagnant - even if one's current environment is filled with contentment? If everything (and everyone) were always status quo would that by itself produce a negative change since this is not the natural order of the universe? Giving up control but still taking charge via pro-activity must surely be a rewarding path - yes? Here's to all of you with faith and hope that steps forward will create their own positive energy resulting in experiences that are exciting and rewarding.

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Quilt or Dye said...

Hi Denise,
Can you comment on this piece? What have you done to it? The piece looks very interesting.

I am taking an intermediate print making college course and am looking at the intersection of fiber art and printing on paper and stitch. I wondered if you have done anything in that area.