Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have been busy weeding, gardenig, not cleaning the house, working the day job and following my artistic soul. Below is a sampling of what's been filling my days.
The assemblage piece above is a hand built pottery ancient artifact flask that was wood fired, slightly over painted and treated with adornments. It's on a vintage cut glass pedestral with vintage 'Egyptian' beads and stands about 7" high.
 This pod vessel is hand built, glazed and gas fired to cone 11 (very, very hot). This pod is about 6" high. I do like how this piece came out and feel as if I'm starting to develop an artistic voice in this medium. Not so sure what the voice is saying but - hey - go with the flow, be happy and don't fret about not cleaning the house. latest fascination is with ice dying fabric. These pieces are inspiring me to start messing with textiles again. The serendipidous coloring and imagery is so appealing. This dyeing method seems to create the most gorgeous abstract art. Abstract art rules.


Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely work you do here. Really really lovely art.

Kat Campau said...

I love your pottery and fabric. We must be psychically related. I am fascinated by both too.