Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sooooo...I've been busy with many things this past month. Although some things never house was not one of the things I've been busy doing.

A friend sent me a link for an entry call for an exhibit that was looking for art that utilized simplicity to achieve dramatic effect. I failed miserably at most attempts being someone who layers, piles on and almost always overdoes it...closest thing to success was with these 2 collages. They each measure 16x20" and are comprised of thin (very thin) mulberry paper on canvas board. I applied matte medium to the paper then washed them with acrylics.

I also worked on this assemblage whose inspiration was the old, rusted wire light bulb cover that I scored for free at a flea market.

Hope all goes well with each of you and your days are filled with creativity, songs and heartfelt gratitudes.


Jeni Gray said...

"Simply" beautiful Denise!! :)

Laura Tringali Holmes said...

Super the wash.

Gabriel Roth said...

Thanks forr writing