Sunday, March 16, 2014

 Building A Mystery - 16x20" Paint and Paper

Secret Numbers - 16x20" Paint, Papers and Stitching
 Spring - 8x10" Papers and Stitching
Emerge - 9x12" Papers and Stitching
Wonder if anyone sees or reads this blog any longer. It's been quite awhile since my last posting due to computer issues and just plain human operational error! Blog neglect aside, I have been busy creating art. In the past months, inspired by the Target Practice collages (see previous post) I've been exploring the world of paint, papers and glue. Above are some samplings. I plan on continuing with these and have a thought of creating a series inspired by my love of quilts....we shall never knows what will or will not take shape.


my croft said...

well . . . I've been doing regular checking of this blog but, yes, not a whole lot of reading.


Elizabeth in NM said...

Love the visual depth on these collages (and your more recent paintings too!) Keep posting!

Wallpaper Installation Paradise said...

Thank you for sharing tthis