Sunday, August 26, 2007


My great artist friend Fran inspired me to try working with Lutrador after seeing what she did with it yesterday. Now...Fran is an amazingly versatile artist who works in many different mediums and is so good at all of them we ask her how she can stand herself and her many talents.
Anyway, the top photo is Lutrador that was painted and then had a photo transfer applied. The final step was a burning with the soldering iron. I think I'm going to add some copper foiling and stitch it onto some of my home dyed fabric OR attach it to the bottom piece. This piece is sheer fabric that had gel medium applied to it. After the gel dried I painted it with fabric dyes and acrylics then sprayed it with plenty of alcohol to get those cool textured effects alcohol renders. The image was then transfered onto the whole shabang.
Life is very good this early Sunday morning!


orion713 said...

I love these lutrador pieces and the transfers. The square transfer reminds me of a Rothko.

Donna said...

looks like you're having great fun playing! :-)