Friday, September 28, 2007

I Learned A Lot!

Last night was the final session of my Beginner's Art Quilt class. When I formulated the idea for this class I imagined myself as - not so much the teacher - but the encourager. The class was small which turned out to be a blessing. We had plenty of time to interact with each other. All in all I believe it was successful and that the participants left with some inspiration to continue working with cloth. Mostly what I learned was that all people are creative and a nurturing environment can help enable them to express their vision.

I want to thank each of the participants and tell them what a joy it was working with them.

This is what Kathy completed. Kathy took the 'Beginner's Art Quilt Class' title literally. She had never sewn before (!) but look what she created. She and I will get together at a later date to finish her piece off with binding. She thinks she is going to lay in some funky, chunky quilting stitches with embroidery floss.

Florence is a lovely lady who has done traditional quilting but said she learned how to quilt so she could make art quilts. She definitely has been bitten by the bug and plans to continue being creative with cloth. Below is her abstract piece that is successful in creating the impression of a landscape without being obvious. I suspect that Florence's future art quilts will become more and more complex while still retaining a soothing, calm appearance.

Elaine is not an art quilt beginner but came to my class anyway (what a doll she is). This great cloth is hand dyed silk she did using natural plant dyes with some added discharged fabric she also created. I can't tell you how luscious it is in person. Seems Elaine was fascinated with some examples of hand appliqueing I had done. The bottom photo shows her diligently working away making those tiniest of invisible stitches.


h-bomb said...

I think it's really great that you taught this class and I hope you do more things like this in the future. I also think it's wonderful that you used your blog to showcase the work that was produced. I think in all classroom-type situations both the "students" and the "teacher" learn something and it seems this happened in your case which is fantastic.

I must admit that I think I'm slightly addicted to your blog because even though I'm on vacation right now I still find myself diligently checking it and even commenting.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Congratulations on a successful class. Isn't it fun watching each person take off in their own direction?