Friday, February 1, 2008

Iconic Ruby Slippers & Cradle Me Always

This piece is going to Judy. I don't really know Judy other than an email she sent me explaining how one of my pieces really called out to her and gave her peace. She is suffering with an illness that leaves her both physically limited and financially strained. I am sending this in the hopes that it will provide her with a bit of solace and joy.
This photo isn't the best (dreary day at dusk doesn't quite cut it) but it gives you an idea of something I've been working on. This is painted cloth with a stain rubbed in. I'm going to add some gold foiling on the brick road, some beads on the slippers and a bit of machine and hand embroidery. So far I'm pretty happy with this piece.

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Wonderful, I love the first piece, wonderful colours!