Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Wallkill River School art gallery wants to become a non-profit agency but this is an expensive endeavor in regards to setting up and filing all the necessary legal documents. Yesterday Shawn Dell Joyce who runs the school and Michelle Filer (who is the bestest shop gallery mgr ever and quite a talented artist herself) contacted me to talk about an auction fundraiser they are having for the school next week. I offered to donate 2 art pieces - one for a silent auction and one for a live auction.

The piece above might - or might not (we have to see how these things go) - grow into the silent auction piece...I see lots of beading and sequins on this one....

The work in progress below might be submitted for the live auction. Many more blocks need to be completed - in a week - and then quilted - in a week - but I'm going to try. This wallhanging will end up being about 21x31"....pretty large for me! It is comprised of all my own hand dyed and discharged fabrics.

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verobirdie said...

I like the piece in progress very much. The fabrics are beautiful. Hope you can finish it in time.