Saturday, April 5, 2008

Visiting ATC Land Again

One of the very bestest (!) things about ATC's is that I'm able to sit quietly and work on them. It helps to alleviate the guilt associated with plopping in front of the television. Last night I worked on these while my husband quietly read in the chair next to me and the television was turned to the 'Americana' (yes! I do like folky, rootsy, bluegrassy music with gospel overtones) music station. It was a very good Friday night that I'll remember with fondness for a long time.


my croft said...

I love those quiet nights at home.
I do a lot of hand sewing to alleviate the slight "I'm not frittering my life away watching baseball" pangs that pop up once the season is under way.
Go, Yanks!
(or is that too political for a blog comment?)

Jan said...

I received my Quilting Arts magazine yesterday and was happy to see your article in it. Congratulations! I see you have a web site now, that's new, isn't it? Great! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Love these ATCs and it is nice to see more of your work (I tracked you down from the SAQArtique page via Google.) I see that you work a lot with mixed media and nontraditional materials -- that's inspiring to me! I now remember seeing your work in Quilting Arts etc, but I am lousy about remembering names when I don't have a personal connection. Now I do, Thanks, Susie