Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harvest Time

It's a beautacious day here in the Hudson Valley. We were out this morning scoping out fresh veggies at a farmer's market and on the way home I was telling the husband person to pull that car over so I could snap photos of the apples ripening on the trees. Can a home made apple pie be far behind or Greek yogurt mixed with home made apple sauce? I think not.

Inspired by the photos this is a pastel painting I did this afternoon.


orion713 said...

Gorgous! Almost makes me miss NY...almost. ;) All the latest work posted is so beautiful! I love visiting your blog.

Gerrie said...

We share, what some might consider a strange culinary taste, yogurt and applesauce - yum! I used to live in upstate NY and fall was my favorite season.