Saturday, October 4, 2008

Field of Dreams

It's been an incredible week, hasn't it? I could go on and on expressing my thoughts, anger and fustration about certain people and their greed but that doesn't accomplish much. I will say this though, if the American people take it to the streets - I'll be there.

Now, can I say that I love painted cloth with added stitching? Not incredibly important in the scope of things but sometimes it's the small pleasures that bring on the smiles in our lives and help to keep us sane.


Dixie Redmond said...

Denise - I love the activity in this piece. I'm happy that you turned to painting and stitching with your emotions. :-)


Anonymous said...

the small pleasures mean EVERYTHING xxx

Anonymous said...

Small works, created by loving and talented much more eloquent than the dollar-driven.