Sunday, October 26, 2008

With a big thank you to Rayna I'm having a bit of success with deconstructive screen printing. This piece started with a layer of red print paste that was imprinted on a screen with the use antique wooden textile blocks then, after the print pasted screen was dry, I used soda ash paste to push it through the screen to transfer the dye onto the fabric. Then I wrapped the fabric in plastic and let it cook in the sun until completely dry. Next step was to rinse and wash the fabric.

While this first layer was 'cooking' I prepared the next screen by imprinting golden brown print paste onto the screen creating images with the use of commercial stamps. After the print paste dyed on this screen I printed it over the first layer of the red printed fabric.

Many steps but well worth the effort and once you're comfortable with the process you'll realize how easy it is to do and how it can be done in segments over the course of a day, a week or a month.


Anonymous said...

this is incredible, denise. truly.

and the aceos! the top one is screaming HELLO to me


Karen C Schoch said...

I have been reading your blog for about 6 months now. I check in almost everyday because you inspire me. You do a little bit of art everyday in spite of working outside the home. This encourages me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. When you speak of print paste, I wonder if it is what we have here(in Australia)under the name Lascaux? This is low-toxic water clean-up;a bit of a fiddle, but adaptable.
Thanks for sharing your technique.

Rayna said...

Beautiful, Denise! What do the other prints look like as the screen deconstructed? I'll bet they are even better.