Saturday, January 3, 2009

A sketch I did last night that will - hopefully - become the quilting lines for a piece I have percolating in my brain.

Here's a second update on my new year's commitments:

1.) Finishing of 4 pcs for group show - no progress
2.) Writing for article - no progress

Batting a thousand so far

3.) Dye scarves and make ATC's - made another ATC but no dyeing has been done yet
4.) Sketch every day - YES!
5.) Lose 10# - I think I'm going in the wrong direction
6.) Surface Design show piece - thought never entered my mind
7.) Medical tests - wellllll....I called to have a perscription filled and promptly forgot to pick it up so this is a big NO progress one
8.) Practice patience & tolerance - failed miserably yesterday while at my day job but today is a new dawn!


melicia's fiber art and mixed media said...

This sketch looks perfect for the new cps mag challenge.

Anonymous said...

very Beautiful design!! I love your quilting!