Friday, February 13, 2009

Apple Shrine

Given my affinity for apples (both as food and as imagery) I chose to paint this still life in pastel class last night....and boy-oh-boy did I ever struggle (1/2 the painting has been cut off since I'm hating it). Even though this painting wasn't easy for me I do like this finished image...more for it's weird ribbony effect and odd composition than for anything else.

Meanwhile I woke up with inspiration - love inspiration, don't you???? Why can't I paint and texturize artist gallery wrapped canvases and then stitch on my fabric paper and other collage elements as desired? I have an art mission this weekend. Yea!

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MHFiler said...

woman, let's get together on a Saturday in March and create. Tell me what time is good and I'll round up some women. I cant wait to create with you. Two of the other women that went to the tea party were really REALLY hoping you would be there. They loved your stuff. Also you need to meet Lynne Ann.