Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting Underneath

An acrylic abstract consisting of lots of layers....just like our lives. Last week at work proved more trying than usual. I'm bracing myself for a lots of finger pointing and deductions based on misinformation...something that touches each one of my most sensitive buttons. Working in a high stress, mismanaged atmosphere is what so many of us are realizing in today's corporate world. It tends to make trust and respect difficult to come by.


MHFiler said...

It really sucks when things like that happen, I was just talking about the same thing yesterday. People have to put their "truths" out there and it does have a damaging effect because people prefer to believe ugly over good. Sorry you're going through this.

MaryAnn said...

I identify so strongly with what you are saying here. I work in an environment that seems to be quite similar to yours. I think that as time has gone on less people are willing to take responsibility for just their part. There is always a rationalization about how it really is someone else's fault. No accountability or sense of self responsibility.