Monday, April 6, 2009

Hidden Jewels

My daughter raises chameleons. Yes, those changing color, incredibly interesting lizards. She calls these creatures (they really are fascinating) 'hidden jewels'. Anyway, that term came to mind yesterday while I was rummaging around a flea market and found this treasure hidden in a box along with a bunch of empty frames and other assorted paraphernalia. As I picked up this gorgeous monotype to examine it more closely the dealer said 'you can have that for $10'. I didn't even try to bargain him down. I knew it was a piece of art work done with great skill. You just know quality art when you see it. What I didn't know until I was able to do an internet search is that it was done by a recognized Mexican artist by the name of Vincente Gandia and worth way more than $10. I almost feel guilty.

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