Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Abstraction Isn't the Same as Abstracts

My husband doesn't quite get abstracts. He does but he doesn't. I've taught him that abstracts are art pieces that create a personal, intimate relationship with the viewer. If a piece keeps drawing you in it is reaching down inside, calling to you. He gets that on some level but being the science guy he is he understands art images that realistic. They can be identified and quantified. I'm getting used to his asking "so when are you going to paint the tomatoes in the garden?"
Did these paintings yesterday that started as gelatin prints and then went on to have many, many other layers added.


Kim Hambric said...

The longer I am involved in art, the more I like abstraction. I believe you get to know the artist more by looking at an abstract painting than you would by looking at a realistic painting of tomatoes. An abstraction of tomatoes is far more satisfying than a still life of tomatoes. For me anyway.

Great pieces!

Unknown said...

It is lovely work Denise.

Jan said...

I am still really enjoying your work.