Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A new piece that I stitched together last night made from cloth that I deconstructed screen printed, stamped and silk screened. I'd love some suggestions on how to machine quilt this. Adding quilt stitching to a piece is not a forte of mine. I'm thinking just some random 'marks', primitive in nature - not too many...just enough to add texture and interest. Anyone have any other ideas?


Canace said...

tough one Denise..

I wouldn't quilt over the stamped areas... too busy. Maybe just some simple lines through the plainer areas?


Denise- Nice composition. How about taking the lines of the dark colored pieces out into the light colored spaces and embelish the quilt lines with circles, twists and turns, etc.
You usually do interesting quilting, such as in the piece I have, Moon Dance, where you did some machine stitching and some hand stitching. Have fun with this.

my croft said...

hard to suggest something without knowing the scale of the piece --what are the dimensions?

kathy said...

How about some large stitches with large perle cotton artfully placed?