Sunday, October 4, 2009

I took a found 8x10" frame, overpainted it and added this 4x6" piece secured on a metallic board. If you click on the photo you can better see the hand stitching & beading on the piece that was added to the silk organza overlaying a piece of cotton. This was hard to photograph but it really does look great in person.

The two photos above are closeups of 2 scarves I dyed, silk screened, stamped and discharged. I have some of these to sell since the Didn't-Use-Good-Judgement Show Coordinator from yesterday's outside art show didn't do what we all wanted her to do......use the rain date of today to hold the show since yesterday was a dismal dreary rainy type of day. Today is clear blue sunny skies. What was she thinking? Obviously not much associated with vendors needing customers in order to have sales. Sheesh.


kathy said...

Lovely scarves Denise...with all you did to them, I hope you have a good price on them. I am consigning scarves now at 40% commission, so my prices are up, but offer them "on sale" for special people.;=)

yarnahoy said...

The colors are stunning!