Monday, October 5, 2009

Complex Art Cloth - Newest Small Business Venture!

Over the weekend I realized I liked surface designing cloth more than composing and finishing art quilts (oh yes, it's true). A friend encouraged me to follow my desire because - Lord knows - in my day job world I have "musts" but shouldn't have them in my art world. Right?
The small pieces above are for sale (I'm going to try to get them in my Etsy shop tonight).
The yellow piece has at least 3 layers of techniques and measures just a smidge under 9x13". It will be priced at $10.00 for the piece.
The pink fossil piece (which looks a bit lighter on my monitor than it is in real life) is 11-1/2x13" and is priced at $12.00 for the piece. I used at least 5 techniques on this one.
All fabric is smooth weaved, premium Kona cotton. Gorgeous.


kathy said...

These are gorgeous Denise...good luck on your launch!

kathy said...

Hi Denise, I just checked your etsy shop to see how sales were going..I didn't see the pink shell cloth there...did you sell it already?