Saturday, November 14, 2009

Was inspired to start some hand stitching and appliqueing on this piece last night. I didn't get very far but really enjoyed the meditative time spent with the needle and thread. My mind just seems to ease as time passes. One of the best drugs in the world!

Today Melanie and I are meeting at the Dia Center in Beacon. We'll take in some art and then spend time over a slow lunch in order to put down on paper the guts of a syllabus for a multi-displinary kids arts program connected to the Hudson River & Hudson Valley. I've already been in touch with Mike & Ruthy and they're in for the folk song segment (think The Power of Song...and if you've never seen this documentary about Pete Seeger, you must!). Exciting stuff.

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Canace said...

We have to do coffee again soon. Would love to hear about your day and your projects.