Friday, January 22, 2010

In the Hudson near West Point, there is a castle on what is called Bannerman's island. The Bannermans built the castle as both a summer home and a storage facility for their ammunitions buisness (!). The castle is in ruins and will cost millions to repair but holds a fascination for most people in the Hudson Valley. I did this pastel painting from a photo my multi-talented friend Canace took when she was given the honor of being allowed access to the island. There is something beautiful in the process of disintegration and I tried to capture that in this painting.


Anonymous said...

It often takes me a while (long while?) to back-read your blog, but I do enjoy it.
I'll pop in again when other art work allows!
Oh...a bit late, but happiness and success to you in this New Year!

Canace said...

Beautifully done Denise.

Thank you for the shout out too. :o)

Makes me happy to see you do such lovely things with my photographs.

Red (aka Puddleduck!) said...

Loooooove this!